I just came back from New York, after five amazing days in this impressive city! Of course I have and want to share my experiences with you and give you some hints where to go and what to see.

It was my first time ever in the US and a little dream came true for me and my boyfriend. I was curious how this city would be because everybody who has been there before, told me that NY is so beautiful and cool and that I will definitely like it.
My holidays started on Wednesday with a nine hours Lufthansa flight to JFK airport. From there I took a taxi with my boyfriend to our hotel, the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, directly located at the Times Square.
As we arrived in the evening, the first thing we did was to walk down the 7th Avenue to the Times Square and the Broadway. It was loud and crowded, full of neon lights, TV screens and people.

For us this was really a unique experience and something we will never forget. I guess being the first time at this place is special.

The next morning we had a great breakfast on the 44th floor in our hotel with greek yoghurt and fresh fruits and typical for the US with donuts, muffins and bagels.

The view was stunning, we were able to see the Times Square on the one side and the Central Park on the other side. Having such a great view over NY was perfect!
One thing we always wanted to do was go for a run in the Central Park. So we did it! There were many people going for a walk with their dogs or jogging and the park was overall really beautiful.

One thing every girl is longing for when coming to New York is fashion. Believe me, there is so much choice of that you will for sure take much more home and spend much more money than you should. I made the experience that there are so many beautiful dresses, shoes, tops that you would like to buy all of them – sadly I am not a multi millionaire.
My favourite places to go shopping were on the 5th avenue – starting at the Rockefeller Center up to the Central Park were the Apple Store is.

There are all the well known and affordable brands like, Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch and Forever 21 but also the expensive ones like Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton.

Another area which is really great for shopping, and where more young creative fashion designers are ,is Greenwich Village and NoLita. In NoLita there are many nice designer shops like the Creatures of Comfort shop in the 205 Mulberry Street. They have beautiful clothes like these:

The Lafayette street is also worth a visit as there are many many shops and when we were there, there was also a market in the Lafayette street.

After all the shopping and walking around, a good place to have a rest and grab a cup of coffee and a delicious cupcake is the “Little Cupcake Bakeshop” in the 30 Price Street. Another well known cupcake bakery is the “Magnolia Bakery” on the 1240 Avenue of the Americas.

Besides delicious cupcakes they have great chocolate brownies. You should really try them, I guess they are the best I ever had.
But actually, wherever you are in NY there are many bars, restaurants and bakeries to have a rest.

If you are looking for a nice place to have a dinner and a good steak, which was on our to do list in the US, you should go to the Macelleria. It is a really nice restaurant in the meatpacking district on the 48 Gansevoort Street.

The steaks were really big there, but also really delicious. Believe me, you don´t need a starter at the Macelleria.

So after this little break, back to shopping! A store most of the people recommended me was macy´s. It is a big department store where you can get almost all designer brands. It reminded me a bit of Harrod´s in London.

Overall I must say that I did not like it that much, as it was really crowded and an old building and the prices were rather European. What I liked more than macy´s was Century 21, which is also a big department store but with really good bargains. There you will find lots of designer brands at rather cheap and affordable prices. I really liked the shoe selection they had and bought some. You should really take some time to go there because it is so big!

Of course we had to visit the Apple Store on the 5th Avenue. We were there one day before the launch of the 4s in the shop so people were already camping outside the store and waiting to get one. One thing we wanted to have a look at, was the iPad2 and I must say that the prices are not much cheaper than in Germany.

I only bought myself a new iPhone bumper, although the Michael Kors Wallet Clutch was really tempting..

After all the shopping, back to culture. One day we went to the MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art. We went there on a Friday, because the entrance on Friday is free which was great. It is a really interesting museum with lots of interactive elements. Here are some impressions:

Other things you can do in NY…
If you want to have a great view over NY, go to the Rockefeller Center.

Go for a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and the Pier21.

See the Statue of Liberty.

Have a burger at 5 guys, which is in my opinion one of the best burgers in town.

Have a look at the court district and walk down the wall street.

Smile about some things.

See a Broadway show.

See a shooting for a movie.

See the St. Patrick´s Cathedral on the 5th Avenue.

Go in the early morning to the NBC studio and watch the live breakfast show through the window.

Walk down the 7th avenue to the Times Square.

There are so many other things you can do. I only spend five days there and NY really impressed me. I really loved it! So enjoy your time in NY and if you need tips on where to go or have tips for me, just drop me an e-Mail.

Goodbye NY – See you soon!

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